Issues 31-40

Previous story lines come to a close and new mysteries are exposed as Major Bludd and the Baroness conspire to assissinate their leader, Cobra Commander!

Plus: Destro, Firefly and the Crimson Guard ambush the vacationing Snake Eyes at his mountain retreat – while the enigmatic ninja known as Storm Shadow finally is forced to choose which side he’ll serve!

And in the most startling plot twist of all, Cobra advance its cruel campaign for world domination with the creation of a new country where the ruthless terrorist organization is the legal and rightful government!

These issues also feature the first appearances of some of the most popular characters in the title’s long run – including Joe regulars Flint, Lady Jaye and Ripcord, and the villainous brothers Tomax and Xamot. And revealed at last: the secret of Cobra Commander’s son!

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